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Posted Wed Sep 17, 2008 - 05:41 PM

Welcome to the BAPCL STATS ENGINE. Register now! (your NICKNAME !! MUST !! be your gamertag)

Register now ready for the next tournament.

Although the Stats system is outside of the main BAPCL forums and registration for both is required, it opens a whole new door for the future of online fifa be a pro. Here are a few of the things to expect from the new BAPCL stats!

    1. Managers can manage their own player signings, once a manager is approved registration to a team, players can submit themselves to the team and the managers can approve them. Or Managers can add players manually (As long as they have signed up)

    2. The fixtures are still updated by the Admin and Mods, but now it is seamless as soon as the fixture result, goal scorers, assists and cards are added the league table and player stats tables are instantly updated. It even tracks how many games you have played. (We are currently looking at providing the tool for Managers to post their own Stats and see the league and player Stats update automatically there and then!)

    3. Players earn points for both goals and assists and you can track your own stats under "My Stats" and other players under "Player Statistics" easily, by league, team or season. Individual players stats by leagues are stored in their own profile.

    4. Recent results will be shown on the front page.

    5. Players can View their "My Schedule" showing the fixtures to play or check out all the League fixtures with and without results

    6. When looking at the fixtures, click the icon to the far right and you have a printable gamecard! Easily record your teams stats by game ready to post in the results section!

Good luck in your quest to become successful as a Player and as part of a Team!!

Various icons used from the Silk Icons library.